LED Strip Light Used in Bar Bench

LED Strip Lights That's Perfect For Your Home

Strip lights are popping up in many contemporary spaces; their clean lines are a hallmark of minimalist interior design trends.

The linear nature of LED strip lights emphasises the geometric shapes of a space and its architectural features. For example, use strip lights across the steps of a staircase, along the cornice of a media room, or for backlighting statement furniture. They are also perfect for cabinet lighting due to their low profile and sleek look and feel. You can check our modern pendant lighting designs and LED oyster light for interior lighting.

Elekzon’s premium COB spotless LED strip light provides a continuous and even line of light, suitable for high end projects, hospitality venues, and hotel lobbies. These lights exude sophistication, particularly when fitted near highly reflective surfaces such as glass and granite.

We offer a range of colour temperature options, including RGBW. Choose your desired length, anywhere from 50mm to 10m, by cutting the strip or joining two of our strip lights together. These highly customisable lights offer endless design possibilities.

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Weatherproof strip light illuminating outdoor pool staircase steps

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