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About Us

Elekzon was founded by a team of passionate lighting professionals, with a combined 50 years experience, in the Australian & New Zealand markets. We focus on quality manufacturing and efficient distribution of lighting products for the Australian market. Our efficient and streamlined distribution model enables us to offer high quality lighting products at low prices.

Elekzon's warehouse

Lighting Design and Management Services

Elekzon also offers planning and management services for residential and commercial lighting design projects. We use building plans as well as 3D lighting simulation software to design custom products with the exact specifications required for its desired application. 

Commercial Interior

Industrial Exterior


One of our core values is to be sustainable. We aspire to use the most eco-friendly processes of manufacturing and distribution. For packaging, we use recycled brown cardboard materials. While showing off an elegant and understated packaging design at your doorstep, it also avoids bleaching, thus preventing the release of chlorine-induced toxins that harm the environment.

About NVC UK

Elekzon is a proud member of the NVC UK family, one of the holdings of NVC International. NVC UK is a leading lighting company that designs and produces customised made-to-order products to a range of buyers, from independent distributors to major national wholesalers.

NVC UK Headquarters

Research and Development 

NVC specialise in their research and development of unique products that cater to user-demands. This includes innovative smart lighting and decorative lighting for residential applications. They also manufacture products of premium build quality for commercial and industrial sectors, as well as the public sector.

Project Capabilities

NVC offers lighting design and management services for a range of project types such as offices, hotels, retail, industrial, and transport infrastructure. Some of their recent UK projects are The Bluewater Shopping Centre development and The Gantry in Stratford. Some of their international projects include Mumbai Airport in India and The Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China.

Bluewater Shopping Centre

The Gantry in Stratford

Bluewater Shopping Centre

The Gantry in Stratford

Quality and Reliability

NVC conducts individual product testing and meets the ISO9001 Quality Management System to ensure reliable products which meet international standards. They are also an environmentally conscious brand, who place sustainability as one of their core values and their processes match ISO14001 standards.

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