Las Vegas Architectual Downlight Collection

Las Vegas Architectual Downlight Collection

The Las Vegas Downlight Collection from CDN Lighting is designed as a top-tier lighting solution, featuring a modular design that offers a wide range of cutout sizes, suitable for ceiling heights up to 12 metres.

This variety is complemented by options for round and square front covers both with trimless options, and eight different reflector types and accessories, making it a versatile fit for various room sizes and design preferences.

When it comes to light quality, the Las Vegas Collection sets a high standard. The Pro version, in particular, delivers exceptional color consistency with an MacAdam Step SDCM ≤ 2, ensuring high colour temperature consistency. The collection is designed to reduce glare significantly, with a standard Unified Glare Rating UGR ≤ 14 and an even lower UGR ≤ 6 for the Pro models, improving comfort for the eyes.

This collection includes options for both IP44 and IP65 ratings, making these lights well-suited for areas exposed to moisture. For spaces with limited ceiling space, the low-profile options, which have a height of just 61mm, are particularly useful.

Overall, the Las Vegas Downlight Collection by CDN Lighting goes beyond just being a set of lights; it reflects a commitment to innovative design, flexibility, and enhancing visual comfort, positioning it as a preferred option for lighting professionals and those passionate about quality lighting.

Las Vegas Architectural Downlight Focused Light

Low Glare Downlight

Subtle Glare, Refined Ambiance

The room's lighting is designed to be discreet, emitting a soft light with reduced glare. The coffee table is gently highlighted, and the ceiling lights merge quietly with the decor.

Las Vegas Architectural Downlight Modules
Las Vegas Architectural Downlight Magnetic Lock


Modular Design

Modular design combines cost-effectiveness with exceptional flexibility, enabling the same light engine to function as fixed, gimbal, or wall washer. This versatility simplifies installation and maintenance, reducing the need for multiple fixtures and thus lowering overall expenses.

Las Vegas Low Profile Architectural Downlight
Las Vegas Low Profile Architectural Downlight Gimbal


Low Profile Downlight

Designed for minimal glare and maximum versatility, with both gimbal and fixed options available. Its low profile of just 62mm allows for installation in the tightest of spaces, providing efficient and focused illumination while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

DALI and Casambi Smart Lighting Control
DALI and Casambi Smart Lighting Control


Smart Lighting Control

Designed with smart lighting control in mind, the Dubai collection integrates Casambi to provide precise dimming, scheduling, tunable white, and many other functionality, accessible via the Casambi App or smart switches. It also supports Leading Edge dimming, 0/1-10V, and DALI controls, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lighting controls.

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