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lighting design plans

We are passionate about lighting and with a team of professional lighting design consultants, we can help you realise your industrial, commercial or residential space. We look at your project as a blank canvas, carefully painting the details with light.


  • Lighting design that includes fixture specifications
  • 3D lighting simulation software with illuminance modelling and detailed lighting levels.
  • Lighting calculation software to ensure designs meet requirements of AS and BCA lighting levels.
  • 7 business day turnaround time
  • One off fee ($250) refunded if project is successfully submitted with us
  • End to end lighting project management service
  • Lighting delivered direct to site, ready for install
  • Draft lighting plan package plus 2 revisions
  • Two price packages (good or best)


Requirements from you

  • CAD Floor & Ceiling Plans(.dwg)
  • Ceiling height
  • Required light level (Otherwise the design will be based on recommended standards)
  • Colour temperature preference

Please forward all relevant information to