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Reducing Glare with Recessed Downlights

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Abasic flush downlight generally has a beam angle of 90 to 120 degrees, which is great for spaces with low ceilings or walk-in wardrobes and cabinet lights where maximum illumination and diffused light is desired. However, for the purposes of general lighting in residential and commercial applications, recessed downlights prove to reduce glare and cause less strain on the eye. The Australian standard for residential lighting is to have a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19. Elekzon’s Las Vegas, Athens, and Daintree ranges of recessed downlights include features such as reflectors, baffles, and varied beam angles to achieve a low UGR and ensure that light does not target the eye directly, but instead lands on working surfaces. The Las Vegas range is fully customisable upon request, meaning you have full control over the desired colour temperature, wattage, beam angle, and reflector colour. Keep reading to find out the best ways to reduce glare and maximise illumination depending on your needs.

For cafes and restaurants

Dimming creates pleasantly comfortable lighting, it also helps reduce energy consumption and improve the longevity of the bulb.

To create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for customers, you’ll need a stylish warm downlight with reduced glare. We suggest you check out the Athens linear downlight with a matte black reflector. While the black coloured interior absorbs harsh light, the glossy finish reflects and creates a wider spread of illumination. This soft light creates an ambient and relaxed atmosphere. Nonetheless, a high CRI of 90+ ensures that meals appear as delectable as they can, urging customers to come back for more; not to mention the minimalist linear style and black gloss which add a decorative element to the fitting. To concentrate light on tables, opt for a narrow beam angle such as 15 or 24 degrees.

For Kitchens and Hotels

Choosing the right color temperature based on your mood typically varies based on the brand, atmosphere, and even location.

The glossy silver reflector option of the Las Vegas downlight boosts the light intensity and ensures a clean atmosphere, perfect for concentrating on task work. The silver reflector is a great solution to high ceilings, as it pushes light further across the room. Be sure to also check out the low profile Las Vegas with a chrome reflector, as its smaller size is perfect for lower ceilings or bathroom vanities.

For the office and study rooms

One major feature of smart lighting is that you are able to sync and group together a collection of lights through the mobile app so that all fittings in one space operate as one unit.

Recessed downlights with a chrome baffle are ideal for increased focus in office and study areas. The baffle ribbed interior absorbs harsh glare, while the chrome colour allows for the light to fulfill its true power of illumination. Another great option is the Daintree 809, which sports a narrow beam angle of 36 degrees. This downlight can also be purchased in a gimbal version, allowing you to direct the light towards your working surface. This reduces glare and eye strain, allowing you to remain alert yet comfortable during long hours of work or study in the office.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms

he smart home systems will make the light-management even more convenient by adding a voice control feature.

For relaxation time in the living rooms and bedrooms, we suggest that you opt for a recessed downlight with a warm white colour temperature, such as the Daintree 104. This downlight has a beam angle of 60 degrees to avoid the line of sight while proving to be a great solution for general lighting in residential areas. This downlight is also available with a matte black reflector, which absorbs harsh light and reduces glare. The Daintree 104-S is a smaller downlight with a 70mm cutout, making it a great option for low ceilings as it successfully reduces the intensity of light.

Beam Angle

Our Las Vegas collection of precision downlights comes with the following options for beam angles: 15 degrees, 24 degrees, 38 degrees, and 55 degrees. The narrowest beam angle, 15 degrees, creates a small pool of light which is perfect for hitting individual tables at a restaurant. This creates a romantic atmosphere for higher end restaurants and improves the visual presentation of meals.

The narrow beam angle in a gimbal downlight can be used to direct light to a painting on the wall, or a feature of the room. This is great for both commercial and residential applications. The 24 and 38 beam angles are made for general lighting, particularly useful for higher ceilings. They produce a concentrated beam of light that is more far-reaching than a flush downlight.

They are suitable for ceiling heights greater than 2.7m and can be spaced 1 to 1.2m apart from each other. The 55 degree beam angle is suitable for ceilings with a standard height of 2.4 – 2.7m. They are designed to produce a wider spread of light and are perfect for general lighting in residential areas. These downlights can be spaced 1 – 1.5m apart from each other, and 1m away from the walls.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your restaurant or add a dimension of style and elegance in a residential setting, our recessed downlight range is sure to bring some extra flavour to any lighting plan.

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