The elekzon difference

The convergence of LED technology with accessible manufacturing competence has leveled the playing field for price tolerance while increasing the demand for reliable high quality products. This is where we come in. At elekzon we act as agents for the factory, offering quality value lighting supply direct to trades professionals.



Elekzon highest quality components deliver incredible lighting products and results

Utilising proven, high performance and high durability components, Elekzon designs work.

Founded by industry experts with decades of LED lighting experience, Elekzon uses its technical expertise, market experience and relationship with the world's biggest manufacturers to tailor Elekzon lighting products perfectly to your needs.

Components include those from Samsung, Citizen and Cree crafted with the latest manufacturing processes and state of the art technologies.

Eco Responsible

Elekzon eco packaging is eco friendly and good for the environment

At the forefront of super-efficient LED technology, reducing energy usage and its environmental impact, Elekzon also leads the way with its packaging. Extensive use of recycled materials, with no bleaching, delivers major eco benefits.