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Varsha Raghunandan - August 12 2021

Your Design Guide: Bathroom Lighting 

When designing a bathroom lighting plan, it is important to consider the different layers of general lighting and task lighting.

General Lighting

For general lighting in the bathroom, a flush mount fitting is the way to go. To withstand the moisture levels in bathrooms, a minimum of IP44 rating is essential. Elekzon’s Uluru oyster light has an IP54 rating, making it great for bathroom lighting. It produces up to 2200 lumens, creating a bright wash of light.

For a brighter look, check out our Daintree EDL111-2 100 degree downlight. It has a high lumen efficacy, producing up to 85 lumens per watt. It is also IP44 rated, suitable for humid and wet areas.

Dimmable lighting can be used to create a more relaxed and comfortable bath atmosphere. Pair your dimmable lights with Elekzon’s trailing edge push-button dimmer to have greater control of your bathroom lighting.

Task Lighting 

To optimise task work in the bathroom, ensure that you have a bright and even illumination of the vanity mirror area. This is essential for daily activities such as shaving, flossing, and applying makeup.

A colour temperature of cool white or daylight (4000K - 6000K) is ideal as it produces a clear and bright light for task work. A colour rendering index greater than 90 allows colours to appear accurately, which is especially useful for makeup application.

The Daintree 104-2 is an IP44 downlight which comes with a gimbal option, perfect for angled lighting above the bathroom mirror. It has a colour temperature of 4000K and CRI > 90, making it ideal for task work.

These gimbal downlights can be installed over the mirror and angled just in front of the bathroom sink, towards the face. Use 2 to 3 fittings to ensure that the face is illuminated evenly from all angles.

In addition to the overhead lighting, wall brackets can be used on either side of the bathroom mirror, installed at eye-level. This helps to create cross-illumination and eliminate any shadows on the face.

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