Why Elekzon?

Why Elekzon?

Elekzon is an Australian eCommerce lighting company, founded by a team of lighting experts from Australia and New Zealand with 45 years of combined industry experience. We hope to build close-knit relationships with electrical contractors by using our industry experience and unique products to create dynamic lighting solutions. In order to keep up with the latest and most efficient lighting technologies, we source our LED chips from leading companies such as Samsung, Sanan, and Citizen. Our products then travel from our manufacturing plants around the globe to our warehouse in Kingsgrove, then directly to your doorstep. Our streamlined eCommerce model allows us to deliver high quality lighting for great value directly to you. Where we save, you save.

Durability and Reliability

At our manufacturing plants, our burn-in test lab holds a number of products. We leave them running for an extended period of time so that we can investigate their lifespan and pinpoint any issues in functionality or quality. With this system in place, you can rest assured that our products are tried and true, with proven reliability.


One of our core values is to be sustainable. This means that we aspire to use the most energy efficient, eco-friendly solutions in all steps of manufacturing and distribution.

We deliver straight from the factory to you, avoiding environmental impacts associated with product handling, visual merchandising, and show-room displays.

For packaging, we use recycled brown cardboard materials. While showing off an elegant and understated packaging design at your doorstep, it also avoids bleaching, thus preventing the release of chlorine-induced toxins that harm the environment.

Wide Range of Products

Here at Elekzon, there’s something for everyone. We cater to a range of needs and lighting applications.

Starting from the basics, we have downlights and oysters for residential purposes. If you’re looking to make a statement, check out our commercial downlights and track lighting for retail and hospitality applications.  Working on an industrial project? Need lighting for educational facilities and institutions? We offer battens, emergency battens, floodlights, and highbay lights. No matter what the vision is, Elekzon is here for you.

Lighting Design Service

We strive to inspire you with dynamic and innovative lighting solutions. By partnering and working on projects with you, we can formulate custom solutions tailored to your needs.

All you need to do is provide your ceiling and floor plans. We use 3D lighting simulation software and lighting calculation software to determine exactly what will be the best fit for your project. We provide several quotes and follow up with multiple collaborative revisions to ensure that our ideas are right for you. Once we have finalised the order and organised stock, the products are delivered direct to the project site. The consultation fee starts at $250, which comes off your final purchase. While collaboration on a project can be a lengthy process, at Elekzon we aim for timely service and rapid quotation responses.

Still not convinced? We know that switching to a new brand can be tricky. Try one of our sample packs and our products will speak for themselves.


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