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Buying LED Downlights Online

LED lights have the power to make or break the overall aesthetic of a room. Not only are they responsible for illumination, but they are crucial to determine the look and feel of any place. When shopping for lighting online, it can be difficult to visualise the specific effects of each product. That’s why we’ve come up with a few rules of thumb when it comes to selecting the most suitable lighting products for your design vision. 

Decorative or Functional?

Consider the purpose behind your lighting. Are you purchasing LED lights for functional purposes, to create a particular atmosphere, to highlight key architectural features, or to add to the decor of your home? For functional or atmospheric lighting, downlights and oyster lights are the go-to solutions. They include options of wide beam angles, and come in a range of colour temperatures to create either a relaxing and ambient atmosphere, or to create task lighting for home offices, study rooms, and kitchen areas. For the purpose of accent lighting, look for track lighting or recessed gimbal downlight options. These products have a narrow beam angle, perfect for creating a spotlight to emphasise decor, furniture, and artwork in a room. They are also adjustable, meaning you are able to direct the spotlight towards your desired subject. And finally, for decorative lighting purposes, the best solution is pendant lightingAt Elekzon, we carry a range of minimalist, industrial, and retro pendant designs with built-in LED options available. Pendant lighting is the best way to add a touch of personality and flare to your residential or commercial lighting project.

Beam Angle:

LEDs come in a variety of shapes and sizes which means you must assess the purpose of buying them and the visuals of the room you intend to place them in beforehand. If you want to cover large areas with a wash of light, use downlights with a wide beam angle above 60 degrees. Oyster lights can also cover wide spaces, such as an open-plan living or dining area, as they generally have a wide beam angle. Shop Brighton, an elegant and slim oyster fitting with a wide spread of bright light. On the other hand, downlights like the Las Vegas work perfectly for precision lighting and focusing on small spaces or objects as opposed to complete distribution. They have a deep recess and narrow beam angle to create spotlights or pools of light. These precision downlights add an element of mood lighting, intimacy, and design sophistication to any modern home. 

Colour Temperature:

LED light temperatures range from warm yellow whites to cooler whites. With some tricoloured lights, you should be able to switch between the different shades of these colour temperatures swiftly based on how you want to set out the room, store, etc. Warmer shades are great for bringing attention to home decor and bring a relaxed, inviting, and warm vibe to the whole room. This mood is perfect for bedroom lighting or living room lighting, where you may want to unwind after a long day at work or school. If you want to use LEDs for offices or study areas, try to opt for brighter, cooler lights that illuminate the room completely and help with being active as opposed to setting a relaxing tone. This lighting solution improves focus and concentration for tasks such as reading, writing, and computer work. You might want to consider buying tricolour (or colour switchable) lighting products while shopping in bulk for a whole office or home. This can help in adding a variety of lights to the entire space and choosing the most appropriate option for each room.

Colour temperature also impacts our perception of the furniture and decor in a room. For example, warm lighting does a great job of highlighting natural timbers, plants, or brown leather furniture. On the other hand, cool lighting helps to bring out grey tones in granite or concrete architectural details. Finally, when renovating or partially replacing light fittings, it is most important to ensure that the colour temperature of your new lights matches the colour temperature of your existing lighting products. As terms such as “warm” or “cool” can actually cover a spectrum of white tones, it is always best to refer to the exact Kelvins of your existing LED. This will give you a more accurate match for colour temperature when browsing LED products online.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Depending on where you plan to install your lights, you will need to look out for ingress-protected (IP) weather-resistant or weather-proof ratings. For areas which are wet or moist, such as pergolas, bathrooms, or verandah areas, browse for lighting options with an IP44 or IP54 rating. These lights are designed to withstand wet or moist areas, and outdoor areas where dust may be present. The Yarra warm downlight has a unique curved trim and an IP54 rating for modern lighting design solutions in outdoor areas. For coastal areas or light fittings which are fully exposed to rain and dust, select lighting with an IP66 rating. At Elekzon, we stock a wide range of weather resistant downlights, oysters, and batten lights. To ensure that your light fittings do not rust or corrode over time, opt for high quality brass fittings with a powder-coated finish, or a marine-grade stainless steel.

What Makes Elekzon Stand Out?

When it comes to online shopping, it’s important to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the online store. At Elekzon, we understand that it can be difficult to build a close connection with online sellers, particularly in such a technical and hands-on field such as lighting. To overcome this barrier, we offer a range of sample packs so you can discover our quality of products and services at a very low risk. We also offer lighting design services in order to build trusting partnerships with our clients, and show you how we can smoothen the end-to-end process of any renovation, new home build, or commercial project. Get in touch with our team to make your lighting design vision come to life: email us at or give us a call at (02) 9157 4268.


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