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Lately, many homeowners have been attracted to LED Downlights due to their exceptional level of energy efficiency. These recessed luminaires are, without a doubt, one of the most popular lighting fixtures to improve the lighting plan of a room in an unobstructed and contemporary way. And why not? After all, they offer a subtle yet alluring lighting scheme that is fuss-free and saves space. Well-placed recessed downlights are a stellar option for regular ambient lighting, accent lighting as well as more intense and focused task lighting. However, not all downlights are the same. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes with several lumen outputs, colour temperature, and beam spread alternatives to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a space while meeting the lighting needs.

Naturally, with so many options at your disposal, it can get a little tricky if not stressful to pick the right downlight for your home. Therefore, today we have outlined all the features and quality that one must look for while selecting downlights.

The Kelvin (K)

When buying LED Downlights for your home, you want a warm and ambient feel. For this, it is advised to look for a suitable colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin (K). The most common colour temperatures are 3000k (warm), 4000k (cool), and 5000k (natural white/daylight). Among these, warm lights are mainly suitable for living areas and cool (harsher) lights are recommended for bright spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Browse the Daintree downlight collection at Elekzon to get the desired effect you want.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

The CRI tells about the quality of light you‘re getting. It’s a measurement of how well the light source will reproduce the true balanced colour range of the objects it illuminates. High CRI LEDs bring out the true colours of the items while low CRI LEDs make everything duller. Places that need to look aesthetic, for instance, stores, cafes, or restaurants need a high CRI score.

Most LED downlights have a Colour Rendering Index score of 80. That‘s fine for many uses in the home, but if you don’t want a 20% drop in light quality when you change over to LED, you need lamps with a CRI of at least 95.

Unified Glare Rating

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a method of calculating glare from luminaires/light through windows and bright light sources. The UGR rating helps to determine how likely a luminaire and its operation in a room are to cause discomfort to those around it, taking account of the eye level and direction of view of the user. The lower the value, the less discomfort the user will experience from the lighting.

There are two ways to reduce the glare that is present with interior lighting - firstly, to use luminaires that are UGR<19 rated; secondly to ensure that the lighting design is appropriate for the environment they are being used in i.e., the correct number and position of luminaires.

Low Glare Downlight 

The design of an ideal downlight should aim at increasing visual comfort, reducing strain and fatigue on the eyes of the people. The Low-Glare Downlight is specifically designed to reduce glare and provide balanced, comfortable lighting in any home or workplace. Choose from Elekzon’s Daintree collection to get the best low glare downlight for your home.

Beam Angle

The area illuminated by each LED light is referred to as the beam angle. Downlights with a narrower beam angle will cover a smaller area while the ones with a wider angle will cover a larger area. When a lighting device with a certain number of lumens is with a smaller beam angle, it will hit a smaller area but the light intensity with be sharp. At an increased angle, the light will cover a larger area, but its intensity will be low.

For places like living rooms and bedrooms, a wider angle is ideal while for studies, kitchens, or libraries, where concentrated illumination is needed, a small beam angle is recommended. You can also mix and match the beam angles for ambient and task lighting.

Hope this article was able to provide you some insight on the different qualities of LED Downlights available. Connect with our experts at Ekekzon who will gladly guide you in choosing the most perfect LEDs for your residential requirements from our popular Daintree collection.

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