Strip Lights: The Unique Approach to Accent Lighting

There is something unique and special about strip lights. They are often overlooked as a source of light, but they can be used to create some amazing effects. In this blog post, we will discuss the use of strip lights for accent lighting. We will focus on the benefits of using low density strip lights for this purpose, and we will look at some examples of how they can be used in the home. If you're looking for a unique approach to accent lighting, then you should definitely consider using LED strip lights!

Why is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is an essential component of any interior design. Accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific sections, items, or furniture in the home. This type of lighting can also add depth and dimension to a room, creating a more visually appealing space. Examples of accent lighting include spotlights on artwork or uplighting on plants or architectural features. When used effectively, accent lighting can enhance the overall feel and atmosphere of a room.

Why Strip Lighting?

One of the great benefits of using LED strip lights for accent lighting is their versatility. They can be easily shaped and molded to fit any space, making them perfect for highlighting shelves, cabinets, furniture, and kitchen islands. Because they have such a low profile, they can easily be hidden in nooks and crannies, and give the illusion of weightlessness and an inherent glow.

Furniture Lighting

By grazing the surface of your furniture, the light beam highlights unique textures such as stone, carvings, or concrete. It also adds a stunning reflective quality to glossy surfaces, granite, and glass. This discrete yet sophisticated accent adds visual interest and helps to make your furniture stand out in a room. This technique is particularly striking when it is used to backlight bed frames or television sets.

Display Lighting

Strip lights can also be used to accentuate display shelves or cabinet spaces. Compared to traditional forms of cabinet lighting, such as low profile downlights, puck lights, or singular spots, strip lights provide a more uniform glow. They do an excellent job of bringing life to any items on such as artefacts, souvenirs, and awards that may be on display in the home or in hospitality venues. They are also easy to install in shelf spaces or pigeon holes due to their adhesive backing, low profile, and length customisability. When seen from afar, these display shelves appear to have a glowing quality, which is extremely captivating and appealing to the eye.

Kitchen Lighting

In the kitchen, strip lights can help you access food or equipment that are stored in the back of your cabinets or pantry. With a low profile and easy installation, they are the perfect solution to brightening up all those nooks and crannies in kitchen areas. In addition to providing a functional source of light for food preparation and reading recipes, they can also enhance the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen. They do a great job of accenting countertops and backsplashes.

When these linear lights are installed under footwells in the kitchen, they provide the illusion of weightlessness. This makes kitchen islands and cupboards to appear as though they are floating, bringing a touch of whimsy and unique interior design.

With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, LED strip lights are perfect for adding some extra flair to your culinary space! For example, for a predominantly black and white kitchen, a cool white colour temperature will create a contemporary look and feel to your kitchen design. Alternatively, if you have timber cabinet doors and gold or bronze tapware, warm white lighting will do a better job of complementing the existing colour scheme.

Foyer Gallery

Use strips as supplemental lighting to showcase artworks and photography and bring sophistication to any foyer or gallery space. In addition to track lights or recessed downlights, these continuous linear lights provide a more even glow for a contemporary lighting effect. Use an extrusion channel for a more professional look and feel in the foyer. The channel also helps keep the strip free of peeling and damage. This type of lighting setup can truly highlight the beauty and detail of any artwork on display.

Outdoor Accent Lighting

At elekzon, we supply IP66 weatherproof strip lights for outdoor accent lighting. They are resistant against dust and moisture, and can be used in a unique way to highlight features in the landscaping, such as a fountain or sculpture. By using up-shining techniques, you can easily showcase stone carvings or sculpted details for a dramatic effect. For this type of garden lighting, select your lighting in warm white colour temperature to complement the outdoor landscape perfectly.

Strip lights can also be used for navigation in outdoor areas such as deck lighting, pool surrounds, or along pathways. By illuminating these areas, you can improve safety and make outdoor spaces more enjoyable to use at night. When you use our Dee Why IP66 RGB Strip Light, the colour combinations become endless, bringing that extra bit of personality to your outdoor accent lighting.

For precise accent lighting, the strips often need to be cut to size. This can be easily achieved using elekzon's Coogee weatherproof strip light,Dee Why weatherproof strip light, and Balmain strip lights, which can all be customised and cut in increments of 5 - 10cm. Once they are cut to size, all you need to do is select the correct driver and position the light so that it accentuates the desired features of your home.

If you're interested in incorporating this modern trend into your home lighting design, browse our selection ofLED strip lights here at elekzon! We offer high quality strip lights in various lengths and color temperatures, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space. Start experimenting with strip lighting today and add some unique flair to your lighting design.