Varsha Raghunandan - Jan 01 2020

The Low Profile Daintree Downlights

Meet the newest additions to the elekzon family, the low profile Daintree downlights. 

Daintree 111

Due to the reduced ceiling cavities in modern-day houses, we are seeing a greater demand for low profile downlights. That’s where the ultra-slim Daintree 111 downlights come in. 

Everything you need to know about the Daintree 111: 

  • All models in this range measure less than 50mm in height - perfect for ceilings with reduced cavity space, such as double-storey houses and kitchen cabinet areas.
  • These downlights are IC-4 rated. There is no need for insulation clearance, allowing you to save more room in the ceiling cavity.
  • The Daintree 111 come with a tricolour feature and are compatible with both leading and trailing edge dimming, making them highly customisable and suitable for a range of applications. 

The Newly Launched 70mm Downlights

In addition to these slim profiles, we have also added downlights with a smaller cutout of 70mm to our range. If you are a regular customer with Elekzon, you may already be acquainted with the Daintree 104 and the reliable Daintree 101 downlights. You can now purchase these popular downlights in a smaller size, at a 70mm cutout. 

This is perfect for replacing any existing downlights with a 70mm cutout. The addition of these smaller versions of existing downlights also allows you to use the same model downlight across the whole house. 

For example, you can use the 104-1 in the kitchen, lounge, and living areas, and match these fittings with the 104-S in smaller spaces such as walk-in wardrobes, narrow hallways, toilets, and bathrooms. 

Daintree 104-S

The Daintree 104 has all the style and functionality of a premium downlight range, minus the hefty price tag. 

Everything you need to know about the Daintree 104-S: 

  • It is now available in two sizes, a 90mm cutout and a 70mm cutout
  • Available in two colour temperatures of 3000K warm white and 4000K cool white. 
  • It is a deep recessed light with a beam angle of 60 degrees - offering low glare light, proving to reduce eye strain. 
  • It has a CRI > 90. This ensures that colours in the room appear accurately - perfect for commercial settings as well as bathrooms and vanity areas. 
  • The Daintree 104 is compatible with both leading and trailing edge dimmers. They are versatile when it comes to installation options. 

Daintree 101-1

We have also added a 70mm cutout version of the classic Daintree 101, which proves to be a reliable and smart choice for a range of commercial and residential lighting solutions. 

Everything you need to know about the Daintree 101: 

  • The 101-1 has a cutout of 70mm and a small height of 56mm, meaning it can be fitted almost anywhere. 
  • They can be installed in areas of the house which require lower light output such as stairways and wardrobes. This removes the need to install a dimmer switch.
  • The matching Daintree 101-2 can then be installed in areas of the house which require brighter general lighting such as kitchens and living rooms. 
  • All Daintree 101 downlights are highly customisable as they have a tricolour switch - suitable for a range of applications. 

Build Quality and Functionality

Our new Daintree downlights come with exceptional build quality and functionality.

The Daintree 104-S and 111 have aluminium heat sinks to ensure that heat does not build up in the downlight. They also have external drivers, proving to be more durable and reliable.

All Elekzon downlights come with a minimum warranty of 4 years, as well as a flex and plug for easy installation.

Sign up with Club Elekzon today to receive your Daintree Downlights at a highly competitive trade price.

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