Varsha Raghunandan - Jul 13 2020

Introducing the Dimmable Uluru Oyster

Uluru has proved to be a popular fitting with a height of only 38mm, its sleek simplicity and elegant looks are perfect for residential and commercial settings. We doubt if you will see a prettier oyster. However, it had one blemish: you all said we can’t dim it. You asked for it, now we have made it available! The Uluru oyster now comes with dimming capability with both leading and trailing edge dimmers, allowing you to use the same fitting in more applications.

Durability and Versatility All in One Fitting

Being tri-colour the Uluru offers the three most popular light colours, warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) and daylight (5700K) so you can satisfy most customer needs.

You can use the Uluru oyster in wet areas as it has an IP54 rating, there is no need to worry about damp conditions or splashing water. So, in addition to general lighting areas, it makes a great fitting for bathrooms, kitchens, car garages, and sports club change rooms.You can even put it outside on the wall or under the roof eaves.

The diffuser is made of PMMA, also known as Plexiglass, Optix, Perspex, and Acrylic Glass. PMMA has many advantages over glass and other plastics. One of these benefits is resistance to UV rays so it will not yellow over time, which is something that you will see that is happening with many other LED lights. PMMA does not shatter easily and is resistant to scratching, the Uluru has an IK07 rating so is very robust so it will withstand a bit more than the accidental knock, so no worries about shattered plastic becoming a hazard.

Energy Efficiency

We have given our customers a blend of efficiency and durability. Our diffuser has a matte finish, which creates an appearance similar to frosted glass. Even with this finish we are able to achieve 88 lumens per watt and a long life expectancy of 50,000 hours. 


The Uluru has an Electrical Class II classification so it is double insulated so it does not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground). This is great in older buildings and safer all round.

Uluru offers all the main oyster features in just one model. As a business man and electrician, you will benefit from not having to purchase and carry three or more different Oysters to satisfy your customer’s needs. Less of your money will tied up in stock, and less space will make your life that much easier.

Why not act now and stock up on the one fitting that can do it all. Purchase your Uluru oyster light today using your Club Elekzon trade discount!

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