Gimbal Downlight Application Guide

Gimbal downlights offer amazing control over your lighting scheme. Their adjustable heads allow for precise direction of light, ideal for highlighting specific features like cherished artwork, creating dramatic focal points, or simply enhancing the ambience of a space.

This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge required for gimbal downlight application, from understanding their benefits to navigating the installation process. Get ready to transform your space with the power of personalised illumination.

Gimbal Application Guide

The image depicts a common type of gimbal downlight, featuring a fixed downlight body and an adjustable head. This design allows the user to direct the light beam by tilting the head through a designated range of motion.

Ceiling Height

The higher the ceiling, the further the light source is from the surface you need to illuminate. When using a gimbal downlight with a narrower beam angle (60°) the intensity of the light that hits the floor is greater than if you use a fixed downlight with a wide beam angle (120°). With a wide beam angle, light is dispersed into the air, leaving the surface area darker.

Task Lighting Applications

Do you need general lighting or task lighting? What needs to be illuminated in the room?
If your light source has a narrow beam, it allows the light to be concentrated onto surfaces where the task is achieved.

A wide beam will not allow light to reach the surface that needs to be illuminated. The wide beam option is preferred in ambient or general lighting.

Sloped Ceilings

Do you wish to direct the light in a specific area? With the LED gimbal downlight, the module can be rotated 360° and tilted 18° downward to the area you want to illuminate.

With a fixed LED downlight however, the direction of the light cannot be changed. Therefore, a specific area of a room or space cannot be illuminated.

Accent Lighting Applications

If you wish to focus on or highlight a specific area, the narrow beam of the LED gimbal downlight and its 18° tilting capability allows you to illuminate a specific accent piece in a space.

With a fixed LED Downlight, the direction of light cannot be changed, thus lighting an accent piece is not possible.

Demand is High for Deepset Gimbals

We currently have a huge surge in gimbal fitting orders, due to increasing demand, from end users & electricians.

Electricians have expressed difficultly in finding a great quality and low-priced deepset gimbal fitting. The majority of suppliers are offering fittings at a very high premium, normally with low quality specs. Its also important that you are purchasing fittings which are RCM compliant.