Express Yourself with RGB Strip Lights

RGB LED strip lighting is a great way to add fun and personality to your space and create a new world of possibilities. With the ability to generate more than 16 million hues, you can express yourself and let your imagination run wild when decorating with these lights. Whether you're looking for a subtle decorative light or a dramatic pop of colour, RGB strip lighting is the way to go. elekzon's Dee Why RGB strip lights are perfect for mood lighting in both indoors and outdoors. They highlight the visual appeal of any space, ranging from pools, decks, and gaming rooms, to hotels and restaurants. There is no doubt why it is now becoming trendier and trendier now.

Our Dee Why indoor LED strip lighting is compatible with Casambi smart lighting control to make it even more convenient for you to adjust the colors. Its CBU-PWM4 dimmer allows RGB configuration by default, with a maximum of four channels. And, because it is Bluetooth controllable, our wireless strip lights are extremely secure and easy to use, as long as you download the free Casambi app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Hence, you can easily make the most of its RGB colour options.

Outdoor Lighting

Looking for a way to add some extra fun to your summer nights? With our RGB strip lights, you can do just that. Its low lumen output of 270 lm per metre makes it great for outdoor ambient lighting. Due to its IP66 rating, our weatherproof IP66 Dee Why weatherproof strip light is perfect for smart outdoor lighting, with just a click of the Casambi dimmer. RGB LED strip lighting brings a lovely atmosphere to any outdoor area, such as gardens, pools, and decks when the sun comes down.

Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level by taking advantage of the wide range of colour options available. It is no secret that Australians love bonding over BBQ outdoors, so take advantage of the upcoming warm summer months and organise an alfresco garden party in a well-lit garden or patio. You should invest in colour-changing strip lights to create a warm, cozy environment. It is good for your friends and family to relax at any time of day or night because the effort you put into arranging your outdoor space would be for naught without enough illumination at night.

Our Dee Why weatherproof strip light can illuminate limitless areas around the pool, guaranteeing that the relaxing mood and ambience will not go away. Whether swimming in the pool or hosting a summer pool party, creating any atmosphere you want with our colour-changing strip lights will be a breeze. For instance, add it to your verandah or even around giant poolside umbrellas. Installing RGB LED strip lighting in areas near your swimming pool will allow you to maximise the fun even in the dark. With just a quick touch on your Casambi dimmer, your pool will be immediately transformed into a nighttime swimming paradise, and you'll be able to enjoy your pool in a new light. So dive into the fun today and add some to your pool area for fun mood lighting.

Adding RGB strip lighting to your deck is an amazing way to improve the space's ambiance and safety. Having your outdoor area well-lit is very important to prevent accidents because you wouldn't want to encounter any trips or falls due to insufficient light when guests are over at night. Our Dee Why IP66 strip lights are easy to install and provide adequate lighting for safe navigation, whether across rails or steps of any staircase. This simple lighting addition can make a big difference in ensuring an enjoyable and safe guest experience.

Gaming Rooms

RGB LED strip lighting is perfect for gaming rooms because they provide countless creative lighting options that fit every aesthetic. As LED lights are already popular within the gaming community, why not maximise this trend by decorating your surfaces? We know you take your gaming seriously, and your gaming setup won't be complete without our Dee Why IP20 and the countless colour possibilities they offer.

If you happen to be a professional streamer, you need decent lighting in your background as well. LED lights have always been a popular choice as they can successfully capture your audience's attention when you're streaming. Whether you're looking to add some extra flare to your gaming station or enhance your gameplay, that adds a great and stylish option. You'll be able to create the perfect gaming environment, no matter your style.

Not only do LED lights go hand in hand with the dimly litgaming room that is often preferred by gamers, but they also complement your gaming screen. The reduced eye strain from these lights also ensures a more comfortable experience even if you're facing the monitor for a long period, making late-night gaming sessions even more enjoyable. You can achieve this by using strip lights to decorate the back of your gaming monitor. Or, you can place the light strip on all four sides of your monitor, helping your eyes to focus on the screen. You can also give your gaming room a makeover by installing it underneath the table to make the floor glow, which is ideal for a low-key ambience. Since our Dee Why IP20 are cuttable every 100mm or joined for a maximum of 10m, they are highly customisable. They will perfectly fit wherever you place them, catering to your needs.

The wide variety of colours offered is an excellent way to add personalization to your gaming setup, fitting every aesthetic for any game scenario. If you want to immerse yourself in the game entirely, you can combine colours to create special effects that match the game you're playing. With so many colours to choose from, you can easily be transcended to new dimensions regarding your game scenarios and step into the shoes of your game character effortlessly. You can use RGB strip lighting to create an imaginative gaming experience tailored specifically to you.

Whether the scenarios in your game change or you decide to move on to a new game, you can also change the colours of your RGB strip light immediately with little to no effort, brought to you by the convenience of the Casambi light control. It has also been found that the right colours can help stimulate your brain and keep you more alert. The brightness of this smart LED light also improves your attentiveness, focus and concentration. This will contribute to further enhancement of your game performance. With so many possibilities that allow you to perform your best, there is no limit to what you can do with LED RGB strip lighting in your gaming room.

Hotels and Restaurants

LED RGB strip lighting also creates a dynamic atmosphere for hospitality settings, adding extra flair to hotels and restaurants. As anyone in the hospitality industry would know, first impressions are everything. And when it comes to setting the mood in your establishment, there's no better way to do it than with RGB strip lighting. With a wide range of colours and the ability to easily customise with remote control, RGB strip lights are flexible enough to cater to anything your customers want. Create stunning visual displays, but an additional bonus is also that they consume less energy than traditional incandescent lighting.

This means that your energy bill costs will be lower in the long term, which is especially desirable for hotels where lights have to be turned on for a long time. Additionally, LEDs require less maintenance costs in comparison, so they would help your business save even more. Whether trying to take your customers' breath away with your hotel or create a lively vibe in your bar, RGB strip lighting can help you get the job done.

Hotel lighting will affect your guests' perception and judgement of your hotel the second they take their first step into your hotel and set the scene for the rest of their stay there. Hence, it will be a great idea to try using our Dee Why IP20 strip lights to reflect glass furniture in hotel lobbies, making it more visible and appealing to guests. Or, you could use them under shelves as accent lighting to display your decorative art pieces in a more eye-catching way. Using the many different colour hues to accentuate the features of your beautiful furniture or art collection in a subtle way will definitely upgrade the style of your hotel to give off a high-class impression. Moreover, using them for indirect cove lighting in hotel rooms or hallways is very popular. This type of lighting provides a high-quality light source that can help improve the look and feel of a space, making guests feel more comfortable when they return to their rooms after a long day.

Aside from hotels, the versatility of this can also be extended to food and beverage establishments, such as bars and restaurants. Whether you're looking to add extra light to your bar shelves or countertops or create a stunning reflection on your bottles and glasses, our Dee Why IP20 are a great option. Their wide variety of colour options can facilitate building up or reviving the mood in bars and clubs according to different atmospheres. For restaurants, you can install it in any edge or corner, such as ceiling cornices, to light up the space for an understated romantic atmosphere. Whether your customers go to your bar or restaurant to wind down after a long day, a fun night out is promised with the striking lighting provided by these lights.

The flexibility of the product can help your business go a long way because customers would want to return to your establishment from time to time for its perfect ambience again. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level and keep your customers satisfied in the long run, RGB strip lighting is the way to go.